Will is a person’s wish that how he or she wants his/her property, movable/immovable assets to be divided after his/her death. Format of Will is given below.


This Will is executed today the _______ day of _____, 20XX at _____  by ABC, Age: XX years, S/o XYZ originally resident of _____ Tehsil _____, District _____, State____ at present residing at_______________, Tehsil_____, District_____  (hereinafter called the executant/testator of this Will, in complete senses, without any force or coercion or undue influence induced upon him from any quarter whatsoever;

Whereas, the Testator own and possess a residential House numbered_________. The house mentioned above stands constructed on a piece of land measuring XYZ marlas at the abovementioned place which is comprising two bedrooms, one lobby, one small store, one kitchen, two bathrooms, one room at its first floor along with attached bathroom and a verandah which is the self-acquired property of the Testator. The Testator has some blank deposits both in the ____ Bank Ltd. and head-post office at _____ and has some land at his native place at ______;

And whereas, the Testator’s wife Late_______ has got her heavenly abode in the month of _____, 20XX and is at present survived by a lonely son Shri ______ and two married daughters namely Smt. ______ and _______;

And whereas, the testator and his wife (now dead) Smt. _____ had given in adoption their younger daughter namely ________ to the Testator’s brother-in-law and his sister (both dead) namely Lt. _____ and_____, when she was hardly one month’s old. Said ______ has been married to Sh. _______ S/o Lt. _____ R/o _______  at present residing at _______, and whereas Smt. ____ has also been married to one Sh. _______ S/o Lt. _______ R/o ______,  at present residing at, ________.

And whereas, the Testator has given all in cash and kind to both his daughters to which they were entitled to on many occasions and Dharmic festivals before and after their marriage though Smt._____ had been given in adoption and both are leading their happy married life with their family;

And whereas, the Testator is in old age, physically a weak person, nobody knows when this immortal soul will abandon this body as there are uncertainties in life. The Testator do not want that any dispute may arise about his abovementioned property after his death. To keep the record straight and clear with respect to his said property need for execution of this Will has arisen. The Testator fully knows what shall flow out of this Will. Knowing fully its pros and cons the Testator is getting executed this Will and any will and codicils if any executed prior to execution of this Will stand revoked;

And whereas, the lonely son of the Testator namely Sh. ________ and his wife Smt. _______ both are taking care of the Testator in his old age and are looking after all the domestical affairs. I have been fully impressed by their services being rendered by them. So, it is my will and wish that the Testator hereby absolutely and forever bequeath my abovementioned land and all bank deposits to Sh. ________ (beneficiary of this Will) after the death of Testator. Any objection if any raised by anyone else after execution of this Will shall not be entertainable rather treated null and void. 

In witnesses whereof the Testator has set his hands on this Will deed without any outside pressure, coercion, undue influence and in full possession of his senses on the day month and year first above mentioned in presence of the following witnesses.





Drawn and drafted on the instructions of both the parties 


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