RTI Application

RTI Application under section 6(1) of the Right to Information Act, 2005 format is hereby given below.

RTI Application 



 The Public Information Officer/ Asstt. Public Information Officer,

 Particulars of information

 (a) Concerned Office/Department: ____________________________ 

(b) Particulars of information required _________________________ 

  1.  Details of information required:  _________________________
  2.  Period for which information asked for: _________________ 
  3.  Other details _________________________________________

Format in which information is required:

Mode of delivery expected (ordinary post, speed post, by courier, by hand, through internet or e-mail, by fax etc.). Additional fee may be charged to cover the cost of delivery.

The information can be furnished within 30 days as prescribed under Section 6 (1)/ the information sought for concerns my life and liberty, therefore the information may be furnished to me within 48 hours (Please delete the inapplicable portion). 

Without prejudice to my rights under the RTI Act 2005, to facilitate faster retrieval of information, I would like to state that the information could be available in……………………… (please indicate the name of the concerned Office/Department of the Institute).

I state that the information sought does not fall within the restrictions contained in section 8 and              9 of the Act and to the best of my knowledge it pertains to your office.

(i) A fee of Rs.__________________ has been deposited in the Finance & Accounts Office of the Institute vide Receipt No.________________ dated_______________, or

(ii) A Postal Order/Bank Draft No. _________________ dated _____________ is enclosed, or                  

The applicant is not liable to pay any fee because he/she is below the poverty line (proof is attached).



(Name & Signature)

Postal Address: __________________ 

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