Power of Attorney

Power of Attorney or General Power of Attorney’s format is hereby given below.


  BY THESE PRESENTS THAT THIS GENERAL POWER OF ATTORNEY is executed at _______ on this ___ day of ________ 20XX by M/s. _______ a company incorporated under the Companies Act having its registered office at ___________ through its Managing Director Mr. X……(details) (hereinafter referred to as the EXECUTANT), DO HEREBY APPOINT, NOMINATE, CONSTITUTE AND AUTHORISE Mr. Y….(details), Executive Director of M/s _______ (hereinafter referred to as the ATTORNEY) AS MY TRUE AND LAWFUL ATTORNEY TO MANAGE, CONTROL, LOOKAFTER / SUPERVISE, PERFORM ALL LEGAL ACTS MENTIONED HEREUNDER. 


AND WHEREAS……….. (Mention few recitals like the purpose of making this GPA).


  1. To institute, commence and conduct any action, suit or other legal proceedings before any Court, Arbitrator, Quasi-judicial or authorities, Offices, Tribunals, Labour Courts, Conciliation Officers, Land Acquisition Officers, etc. on behalf of the company for claiming any right, relief, recovery, title, interest, property or in respect of any matter connected with or arising out of the Company’s business and subject to aforesaid, to settle, adjust, compromise or submit to Arbitration any such actions, suits or proceedings. 
  2. To defend all actions, suits, proceedings, applications, petitions, appeals, revisions, reviews, arbitrations, conciliations, taxation and labour matters and other disputes that are now pending or may hereafter be brought or made or instituted in any Court or office or Tribunal, Arbitrator, Conciliation Officer, or any other Judicial or Quasi-judicial authorities in the name of the company. 
  3. To appear and represent the Company in any Court of Justice or Tribunal whatsoever and for the purpose aforesaid or any of them to sign and verify plaints, written statements, applications and swear affidavits and to sign petitions and other necessary documents 121 including Vakalatnama and to appoint any Solicitor, Advocate, Pleader or other Legal Advisor with the necessary power and such again at pleasure, to revoke and appoint others in their place.  
  4. To continue and conduct or defend any appeal, review, revision, arbitration in any Court or Tribunal or office against any order, judgment or decree made in suits, actions, proceedings, application etc. 
  5. Generally, for and in the name and as the act and deed of the Company to make, execute and do all and every such further and other acts. Deeds, matters and things as shall be fit, requisite and necessary in and about the premises and for all or any of the purposes aforesaid and as the Company could do if acting in the premises. 

And I, the said Managing Director of the Company and also for the said Company hereby agree to ratify and confirm whatsoever the said Attorney shall lawfully do or cause to be done in or about the premises by virtue of these presents.

 IN WITNESS WHEREOF I have hereunto signed this document on the date and place first above written in the presence of following witnesses. 





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