Petition for Restitution of Conjugal Rights

Petition for Restitution of Conjugal Rights under Section 9 of the Hindu marriage Act format is hereby given below.


HMA PETITION No. _____of 20__






                          Petition for restitution of conjugal rights under Section 9 of 

                                                     The Hindu Marriage Act, 1955 


The petitioner above named prays as follows:

  1. A marriage was solemnized between the parties on _______ at ________. A certified extract from the Hindu Marriage Register/ an affidavit duly attested is filed herewith.
  2. The status and place of residence of the parties to the marriage before the marriage and at the time of filing the petition were as follows:

                HUSBAND                                                                                  WIFE

Status        Age      Place of Residence                                   Status     Age    Place of Residence

  1. Before marriage
  2. At the time of filing petition
  1. In this paragraph particulars and places of co- habitation as husband and wife and the children from the marriage if any may be given. The date and place of birth and name and sex of each child and the fact whether dead or alive should be stated.
  1. The respondent has without reasonable excuse withdrawn from society of petitioner with effect from________________________ (cause of estrangement as known to the petitioner may be stated.
  1. The petition is not presented in collusion with the respondent.
  1. There has not been any unnecessary or improper delay in filing this petition.
  1. There is no other legal ground why relief should not be granted.
  1. There has not been any previous proceedings with regard to the marriage by or on behalf of any party.


There have been following previous proceedings with regard to marriage by or on behalf of the parties:

Serial        Name of parties          Nature of          Number and         Name and             Result

No.                                          proceedings with    date and year        location of                       

                                            With section of act       of the case           of the court      

  1. The marriage was solemnized at _______________


The husband and Wife resided at _______________


The Husband and Wife last resided together at ___________ within the local limits of ordinary civil jurisdiction of this court.

  1. Therefore in view of the aforementioned facts of the case petitioner above named humbly and most respectfully prays for decree for restitution of conjugal rights against the respondent.


Through Counsel


The above named petitioner states on solemn affirmation that Paras ___ to ____of the petition are true to the best of petitioner’s information and belief

                   Verified on this _______ day of ___________ at _____________

Place______                                                                                                                           Petitioner 

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