Legal Notice

Legal Notice’s format is hereby given below.



(By Regd. A. D.)


M/s ______________

Address __________________


Under the instructions from and on behalf of my client __________ Bank, a body corporate constituted under The Banking Companies (Acquisitions & Transfer Of Undertakings) Act No. V of 1970 having its head office at ________________ in the State Of ____________ and its Branch Office Inter-alia at ___________ through its Branch Manager and having being specifically authorized by him/her and from the documents shown and information given to me I have to address you as under:-

  1. That my client is a _________________ & carries on the business of Banking. That my client Bank provides various Banking services to various individuals, firms, companies etc.
  2. That you abovementioned M/s _____________ had requested to my client bank to provide you an Overdraft/Cash Credit facility on your current account which was considered by my client favourably and sanctioned the Cash Credit Facility to you. 
  3. That you thus availed the aforesaid credit facility sanctioned by the bank. That you made some repayments from time to time and the same are reflected in the Account. However, after availing the aforesaid cash credit facility you stopped operating cash credit account and also not serviced interest in cash credit account therefore cash credit account has become irregular and overdue. My client says that in spite of several reminders and requests, you have not regularised the cash credit account. 
  4. Therefore, my client hereby demands you to repay the total outstanding amount of Rs. ______ as on _______ 20XX along with the further interest and with monthly rests from ________ 20XX to the date of repayment of Cash Credit Facility Loan Account dues.

We, hereby serve upon you the legal demand notice and you are hereby called upon to make the payment of aforesaid outstanding loan amount along with interest thereon, legal charges and expenses till realization within 10 days from the receipt of this legal demand notice, failing which my client bank shall be constrained to take such further strict civil and criminal action against you, as may be advised to my client bank in this respect, at your entire risk as to the cost and consequences of the same of which you should take a very serious note.

You are also liable to pay a sum of Rs. ___________ towards charges of this notice.


Date: ________ 20XX                                                                                                        


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