Judicial Separation Petition

Judicial Separation Petition under section 10 of Hindu Marriage Act format is given below.

                                  IN THE DISTRICT COURT AT___________________






                                Petition for Judicial Separation under Section 10 of 

                                                    The Hindu Marriage Act,1955  


The humble petitioner above named states as under:

  1. The Marriage was solemnized between the parties on __________ at ___________. A certified extract from the Hindu Marriage Register/affidavit duly attested is filed herewith.
  2. The status and place of residence of the parties to the marriage before the marriage and at the time of filing the petition were as follows:

                   Husband                                                                                 Wife

Status            Age        Place of residence                           Status         Age      Place of residence

  1. Before marriage
  2. At the time of filing the petition
  1.  In this paragraph particulars and places of co-habitation as husband and wife and the children from the marriage, if any, may be given. The date and place of birth and name and se of each child and the fact whether alive or dead should also be stated.
  2. The respondent has ______________ (The facts on which the claim to relief is founded should be stated as distinctly as the nature of the case permits.)
  3. Where the ground of petition is ground specified in Section 13 (1) (ii), the petitioner should state that he has not in any manner been accessory to or connived at or condoned the act(s) complained of.
  4. (Where the ground of petition is cruelty). The petitioner has not in any manner condoned the cruelty.
  5. The petition is not presented in collusion with the respondent.
  6. There has not been any unnecessary or improper delay in filing this petition.
  7. There is no other legal ground why the relief should not be granted.
  8. There has not been any previous proceedings with regard to marriage by or on behalf of any party.


There have been the following previous proceedings with regard to the marriage by or on behalf of the party.

Serial No.             Name of                Nature of                Number and        Name and          Result

                              Parties                   Proceedings           date and year      location of                     

                                                    With section of act         of the case         the court             

  1.  The marriage was solemnized at ________________


The husband and wife reside at ___________

  1. The petitioner, therefore, prays for a decree for judicial separation against the respondent.



The above named petitioner states on solemn affirmation that Para _______ to _______ of the petition are true to the best of petitioner’s information and belief.

Verified on this __________ day of ___________ at ____________

Place _____                                                                                                                     


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