Cancellation of Disinheritance Deed

Cancellation of Disinheritance Deed’s format is given below.


THIS DEED OF CANCELLATION OF DISINHERITANCE DEED (FARGATI) executed on this ________ day of _________ 20XX by ABC S/o_____________ R/o ____________, Tehsil __________, District________, State_________ (hereinafter called the “EXECUTANT”) as under:-

WHEREAS the executant has executed a DISINHERITANCE DEED (FARGATI) on _______, 20XX before the Court of Learned Sub Registrar 3rd Additional Munsiff, ___________.

WHEREAS the executant daughter namely XYZ has changed all the previous activities after the registration of Disinheritance Deed which was also published in the newspaper. After the registration of said deed on ______ 20XX to till date, the executant lovable daughter i.e. XYZ taking every care of executant and obey all the orders and wishes and very obediently treating with me and I am very happy with regard to the treatment/respect given to me by my daughter. She is not misbehaving and harassing me and further taking all my responsibilities and free my shoulder from every responsibility. 

WHEREAS the executant revoked the disinheritance deed dated 14-10-2019 the same was registered on ________ 20XX in all manner and my daughter namely XYZ is entitled to all my moveable and immovable property which is owned and possessed by me and my daughter has every right to succeed my property in all manner. 

AND WHEREAS the executant has come to this conclusion that there is no need of keeping the said document dated _______ 20XX in force, as such, the executant has decided to cancel the DISINHERITANCE DEED (FARGATI) and thereby declares the same to be null and void as cancelled. 

WITNESS this deed has been executed by the executant without any influence or coercion and with conscious mind and free will/wish of the executant. 

IN WITNESS WHEREOF the executant has signed this deed of cancellation in presence of following witnesses:-



1      ABC 


Drawn and drafted on the 

instructions of both the parties 


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