Agreement to Sell

Agreement to Sell’s format along with affidavit is given below.


THIS AGREEMENT TO SELL is executed at ________ on this ____ day of _______ 20XX at ______ by and between:-

ABC, S/o __________ R/o __________, TEHSIL _______, DISTRICT _______ (Hereinafter called the party of the first part/Seller)


XYZ,S/o________ R/o________, TEHSIL______ , DISTRICT ____ (Hereinafter Called the party of the Second Part/Purchaser)

Which expression shall mean include and bind all the legal heirs, executors, administrators, successors and connected persons of the party of the first part and the party of the second part on the following terms and conditions-

  1. Whereas the first party is in possession of the land falling under Khasra no. ______ situated at ________, which is recorded as _________ in Revenue records.
  2. Whereas the party of the second part intends and agrees to purchase the land measuring ______ falling under Khasra no. ______ from the party of the first part.
  3. Where as the party of the first part has received the consideration amount of Rupees XXX and has handed over the possession of the said land on spot to the party of the second part. Now the first party will have no right over the said land and the second party bis at liberty to use the said land in any manner he desires.

In witness where of the parties to this agreement have put their respective signatures on the Day, Month and Year above mentioned in presence of the following witnesses: –



1 Party of the first part/Seller

2 Party of the second part /Purchaser

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