Affidavit for Substitution

Affidavit for Substitution’s format is given below.

Affidavit For Substitution

I, ____________________ S/o ______________, Residing at ______________ do hereby state and declare on solemn affirmation as under:

  1. That ______________ was my father and that he expired on the _____ day of ____________ 20XX at _________.
  2. That the deceased was the Proprietor of M/s ____________ being located at __________, bearing PAN No. ____________and GST No._____________
  3. That the deceased being the proprietor of M/s ____________ was a registered contractor of the ____________ Government and conducted his business by obtaining ____________ tenders. 
  4. That after the calamitous demise _____________, his son/ legal heir________________ is now the promoter of M/s _____________ and is authorized to substitute/conduct business with _______________
  5. That according to Hindu law, the said deceased has left behind the following legal heirs including myself. Below mentioned are the names of the legal heirs along with their nexus with the deceased, their age and their respective address;
Sr. NoNameAgeRelationship with the deceasedAddress

5. That the deceased did not leave behind any heirs except those above mentioned.


I, _________________, the above named affiant do hereby verify and affirm the contents of the aforesaid paragraphs are true and correct to the best of my knowledge, information and belief and in witness whereof I have signed this affidavit.


Date: ________ 20XX


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